Pedicure chair

Chair massage spa pedicure is a massage chair, foot spa designed for spa salons, health care centers, luxury resorts, guests, for use in Business, health care and beauty for women.
With the design and bridge created as a conventional massage chair on the market, and the foot massage bridge is different from the conventional massage chair line using the sauna massage basin and use external hips to help you soak feet. The water temperature is different according to the demand. The back of the chair and the hips of the chair he creates as the conventional massage chair, using the fist and massage air bags in different regions and points, using pressure to massage the user.
So with the same structure as a normal massage chair, only different foot massage with steam bath and use the heat and rays outside to soak and massage feet when used, this product is very useful for chi The women in particular have the need of health care and beauty in the spa and resort at the resort luxury.
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Pedicure chairPedicure chairPedicure chair